Young Charlie Cults, Famous, Wondery

Hosted By: Tracy Pattin
Produced By: Wondery

In this serialized podcast, Tracy Pattin and Stephen Lang take you through the life of Charles Manson.

While most of the coverage around Charles Manson focuses specifically on the August 1969 murder of movie star Sharon Tate and four others, this podcast is aimed at going deeper than that.

From his childhood and all the way up to becoming the mastermind behind one of the most notorious crimes in Hollywood, you’ll explore the key factors that played a part in who he became.

Young Charlie Podcast Host:

Tracy Pattin is the host and co-producer of the Wondery Network’s  series, Hollywood and Crime. She is also creator, producer and host of the new series, Women2018 where she travels the country documenting stories of women running for political office. With her West Hollywood history expertise, she designs and creates walking tours for the international media through Visit West Hollywood. Tracy is actively involved in historic preservation and frequently speaks on behalf of the West Hollywood Preservation Alliance in its pursuit of saving the city’s treasured buildings. She is a founding member of the Alla Nazimova Society.

Praise from Listeners*:

  • In-Depth Research: Tracy Pattin’s commitment to thorough research is evident throughout the series, as she uncovers lesser-known aspects of Manson’s life and sheds light on the events that shaped him.
  • Interesting Interviews: The podcast features interviews with key individuals connected to Manson, including former cult members, family members, and investigators. These firsthand accounts provide unique insights into Manson’s psychology and the dynamics of the cult.
  • Historical Context: Young Charlie not only explores Manson’s life but also delves into the socio-cultural climate of the 1960s, offering a broader understanding of the factors that contributed to the rise of Manson and his cult.

Criticisms from Listeners*:

  • Slow Pacing: Some listeners have found the podcast to have a slower pace, particularly in the early episodes, which can make it feel drawn out at times.
  • Lack of New Information: A few listeners who are already familiar with Charles Manson and the Manson Family have expressed that the podcast doesn’t offer much new or groundbreaking information, leading to a sense of redundancy.
  • Biased Perspective: Despite attempts at objectivity, a small number of listeners have perceived a subtle bias in the storytelling and interviews, feeling that Tracy Pattin leans towards a sympathetic portrayal of certain individuals involved in Manson’s cult.
  • Insufficient Depth on Manson’s Motivations: While the podcast explores Manson’s life and the crimes committed by his followers, some listeners have expressed a desire for a deeper exploration of Manson’s motivations and psychology, feeling that it was not thoroughly addressed.
  • Repetition of Information: A few listeners have noticed certain details or anecdotes being repeated across episodes, which can be repetitive and somewhat frustrating for those seeking fresh insights.

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