What Happened to Sandy Beal Investigative

Hosted By: Melissa Jeltsen
Produced By: iHeartMedia

What Happened to Sandy Beal? is an investigative true crime podcast hosted by Melissa Jeltsen. It tells the story of Sandy Beal, an 18-year-old woman whose death in 1977 was ruled a suicide by police, but her family believes she was murdered.

What Happened to Sandy Beal Podcast Host:

Melissa Jeltsen is an award-winning investigative reporter who has covered a wide range of topics, including the execution of Lisa Montgomery. She is known for her thorough and compassionate reporting, and her ability to uncover new evidence and shed light on complex cases.

Praise from Listeners*:

  • Dedication to The Truth: Jeltsen’s investigative skills and ability to uncover new evidence are on full display in this podcast. She interviews key witnesses, reviews police reports, and examines physical evidence to build a compelling case that Sandy Beal’s death was not a suicide.
  • Powerful Interviews: Interviews Sandy’s family and friends are both heartbreaking and illuminating. She captures their grief and their determination to find justice for Sandy.
  • Exploration of Alternative Theories: Jeltsen is not afraid to challenge the official story of Sandy’s death. She explores the possibility of foul play and presents evidence that suggests that police may not have thoroughly investigated the case.

Criticisms from Listeners*:

  • Bias: Some listeners have accused the host, Melissa Jeltsen, of displaying bias against men in her reporting. Specifically, they point to her language and tone when discussing the police officers who investigated Sandy’s death.
  • Lack of Balance: Other listeners have criticized the podcast for not presenting all sides of the story fairly. They argue that Jeltsen focuses too much on the evidence that supports her theory that Sandy was murdered, and not enough on the evidence that supports the police conclusion that she committed suicide.
  • Lack of New Evidence: Some listeners have also criticized the podcast for not uncovering any new evidence that conclusively proves that Sandy was murdered. They argue that Jeltsen simply rehashes old evidence and theories, and does not offer any new insights into the case.

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  • Linda James
    January 29, 2024 at 3:47 pm

    Thoughtful and informative podcast series on this cold case. Left me hanging on each episode to see what was going to be uncovered next.

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