The Unresolved Podcast Investigative, Paranormal, Unsolved

Hosted By: Michael Whelan

The Unresolved podcasts aims to bring thoughtful attention to a mix of both known and unknown stories, that have no ending.

From the paranormal to mythological figures, conspiracy theories, and more “typical” true crime cases, you’ll find new episodes each week, along with a library of previous episodes to binge on.

The Unresolved Podcast Podcast Host:

Michael Whelan is an accomplished and passionate podcaster, investigative journalist, and true crime enthusiast. With a deep fascination for unsolved mysteries, Michael has dedicated himself to shedding light on these enigmatic cases. His expertise in researching and presenting complex narratives has earned him a reputation as a knowledgeable and trusted source in the true crime community.

Praise from Listeners*:

  • Engaging Host: Michael Whelan’s ability to convey complex information in a clear and easily understandable manner is highly praised. Listeners find it easier to follow along with intricate details and complex narratives thanks to the podcast’s clear communication style.
  • Broad Range of Topics: The podcast covers a diverse range of mysteries, encompassing true crime cases, unsolved mysteries, and unexplained phenomena. This variety appeals to a wide audience and keeps the podcast fresh and exciting.
  • Balanced Perspective: The Unresolved Podcast is commended for presenting multiple perspectives and theories surrounding each mystery, fostering critical thinking and encouraging listeners to form their own conclusions.
  • Updates and New Information: The Unresolved Podcast actively seeks out new information and updates on ongoing cases, keeping the audience informed and engaged even after the original episode has been released.

Criticisms from Listeners*:

  • Episode Length: Some listeners have felt that certain episodes of The Unresolved Podcast are overly long, resulting in information overload or a lack of conciseness.
  • Pacing and Editing: A few listeners have mentioned that the pacing of certain episodes could be improved, with occasional tangents or repetitive information that could have been streamlined during the editing process.
  • Voice Modulation: A small number of listeners have expressed concerns about the use of voice modulation or effects applied to certain segments, finding it distracting or unnecessary for the storytelling.
  • Focused on Popular Cases: A minor criticism is that The Unresolved Podcast occasionally focuses more on well-known cases, leaving lesser-known or obscure mysteries relatively unexplored.

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