The Vanished Missing Persons, Wondery

Hosted By: Marissa Jones
Podcast Network: Wondery

The Vanished is hosted by Marissa Jones, a skilled storyteller with a genuine passion for true crime and a deep empathy for the victims and their families. With each episode, Jones investigates and narrates the circumstances surrounding a missing person’s case, weaving together interviews, police reports, and first-hand accounts to paint a comprehensive picture of the events leading up to the disappearance.

With a focus on the fact that every story matters, you will find that this podcast isn’t afraid to tackle missing persons cases that involve addiction, mental health and other highly stigmatised circumstances.

The Vanished Podcast Host:

Marissa Jones embarked on her podcasting journey with a mission to give a voice to the missing, often forgotten by the public eye. Marissa’s dedication to this mission extends far beyond just presenting the cases; she immerses herself in extensive research, collaborating with law enforcement, experts, and most importantly, the families left behind.

Prior to her career in podcasting, Marissa had a background in science. But her passion for true crime and her innate drive to make a difference in people’s lives led her to switch her focus. Since launching The Vanished in 2016, she has managed to highlight hundreds of cases, sparking renewed interest and occasionally contributing to breakthroughs in the cases.

Praise from Listeners*:

  • Compassionate Approach: One of the most appreciated aspects of The Vanished is the podcast’s compassionate approach towards both the missing individuals and their families. Jones treats each case with empathy, seeking to humanize the victims and shed light on their lives beyond the headlines.
  • Thorough Research: Listeners appreciate the extensive research and attention to detail that goes into each episode. Jones leaves no stone unturned, carefully piecing together the facts and presenting them in a comprehensive and engaging manner. This commitment to accuracy and thoroughness sets ‘The Vanished’ apart.
  • Awareness and Advocacy: ‘The Vanished’ not only seeks to entertain but also to raise awareness about missing person cases. The podcast actively engages with listeners and encourages them to share information or tips that may aid ongoing investigations. This emphasis on community involvement and advocacy has resonated deeply with the audience.

Criticisms from Listeners*:

  • Pacing and Length: Some listeners feel that certain episodes of The Vanished can be overly long or stretched out, leading to pacing issues. While extensive research and details are appreciated by many, others may prefer a more concise approach.
  • Production Quality: As an independent podcast, The Vanished may not have the same level of production resources as larger networks. Some listeners have noted occasional audio quality issues, inconsistencies in volume levels, or a lack of professional editing, which can affect the overall listening experience.
  • Limited Focus: Although The Vanished covers a diverse range of missing person cases, some listeners may feel that the podcast predominantly focuses on cases within the United States. This limited geographical scope may leave international listeners wishing for more global coverage.

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