Teacher’s Pet Investigative

Hosted By: Hedley Thomas
Produced By: The Australian

Teacher’s Pet it a serialized podcast that investigates the life of Lyn and Chris Dawson. A couple who appears to have a perfect marriage, that begins show a much different truth when Lyn goes missing.

After 36 years with no solid answers, Hedley Thomas dives into the case to bring new evidence to light, in hopes of answers.

Teacher’s Pet Podcast Host:

Hedley Thomas is an Australian investigative journalist and author, who has won seven Walkley Awards, two of which are Gold Walkleys.

Praise from Listeners*:

  • Emotional Connection: The podcast effectively humanizes the victims and those affected by the crime, allowing listeners to connect on a deeper emotional level. This empathetic approach adds an extra layer of resonance to the storytelling.
  • Investigation Advancements: As a result of the podcast’s revelations, the investigation into Lynette’s disappearance was reopened, leading to new developments and legal proceedings. Listeners appreciate the tangible impact of the podcast’s work in the pursuit of justice.
  • Community Engagement: The podcast has fostered a strong and engaged community of listeners who discuss and share their thoughts on the case. Listeners appreciate the opportunity to connect with others who share their interest in true crime and justice.

Criticisms from Listeners*:

  • Lengthy Episodes: Some listeners found the episodes to be excessively long, with a runtime that stretched over an hour.
  • Speculation and Opinion: As with many true crime podcasts, Teacher’s Pet incorporated speculation and personal opinions in its storytelling. Some listeners expressed a desire for a more objective approach, preferring a focus on presenting concrete facts and evidence rather than subjective interpretations.
  • Lack of Balance: Some listeners felt that the podcast predominantly presented one side of the story, focusing heavily on the theory of Chris Dawson’s involvement in Lynette’s disappearance. They desired a more balanced approach that explored alternative perspectives and theories in greater detail.
  • Repetition and Pacing: A few individuals noted instances of repetitive information and pacing issues throughout the series. They felt that certain points were reiterated unnecessarily, which could have been addressed more concisely to maintain a consistently engaging experience.

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