Someone Knows Something Investigative, Unsolved

Hosted By: David Ridgen
Produced By: CBC Radio

Someone Knows Something takes an investigative look into one criminal cold case per season in hopes of uncovering new information, while also exploring the effects each case has had on the families and communities involved. It is a CBC Radio’s first true-crime podcast and has been awarded gold for Best Podcast at the Canadian Online Publishing Awards for Season 1 and Season 2. It has also won bronze at the New York Festival.

Someone Knows Something Podcast Host:

David Ridgen is a Canadian filmmaker, musician, and investigative journalist. He was born on September 7, 1968, in Renfrew County, Ontario, Canada.

Ridgen gained recognition for his work as the host and creator of the podcast Someone Knows Something. He is known for his in-depth research, compassion for the victims, and his dedication to bringing attention to unsolved cases.

Ridgen has a deep understanding of the criminal justice system and uses his expertise to analyze evidence, interview witnesses, and engage with listeners to generate leads and potential breakthroughs in the cases he covers.

Praise from Listeners*:

  • Empathetic Approach: David approach to giving voice to the victims and their families, and treating the cases with respect and sensitivity, has been appreciated from listeners.
  • Community: The podcast has created a sense of community by encouraging listeners to be active in the investigative process by sharing tips and insights.
  • Impact: The podcast’s ability to raise awareness about important social issues, such as systemic failures in the justice system and the need for accountability along with its ability to create renewed interest in cold cases has been a big win for listeners.

Criticisms from Listeners*:

  • Pacing: Some listeners have felt that the podcast’s slow-paced and deliberate storytelling approach can sometimes be too drawn-out, leading to a lack of urgency or prolonged periods without significant developments.
  • Overly Subjective Narration: While David Ridgen’s personal involvement and dedication are appreciated by many, some listeners have felt that his personal biases or emotional investment can occasionally overshadow objectivity and impartiality in the storytelling process.
  • Lack of Updates: As the podcast covers cases that may take years to develop new leads or breakthroughs, some listeners have expressed disappointment with the infrequency of updates or prolonged periods between seasons, leading to a sense of frustration and impatience.

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