Murderville Investigative

Hosted By: Liliana Segura & Jordan Smith

Murderville delves deep into the dark underbelly of society, exploring compelling and often lesser-known murder cases with a focus on social justice issues. Liliana and Jordan bring their expertise, compassion, and relentless pursuit of truth to each episode, creating a gripping and thought-provoking listening experience for their audience.

Murderville Podcast Hosts:

Liliana Segura is an acclaimed investigative journalist and writer with a passion for criminal justice reform. She has an extensive background in reporting on wrongful convictions, the death penalty, and the criminal justice system as a whole.

Jordan Smith  is an experienced journalist and researcher who has dedicated his career to shedding light on systemic injustices within the legal system. He specializes in investigative reporting, particularly on issues related to racial disparities, police misconduct, and the impact of socio-economic factors on crime.

What Listeners Love the Most*:

  • Thought-Provoking Storytelling: Murderville is known for its compelling narratives that not only explore the details of the crimes but also delve into the socio-political context surrounding them. Listeners appreciate how Liliana and Jordan bring a critical lens to their storytelling, examining the larger implications of these cases on society.
  • Emphasis on Social Justice: The hosts’ commitment to social justice issues sets Murderville apart. They highlight the often-overlooked aspects of the criminal justice system, such as racial bias, systemic flaws, and the impact on marginalized communities. This approach resonates with listeners who are interested in understanding the broader implications of true crime stories.
  • Extensive Research and Expert Analysis: Liliana and Jordan leave no stone unturned in their investigations. Their dedication to thorough research, including interviews with key individuals and experts, ensures that the podcast presents a comprehensive and nuanced perspective on each case. This meticulous approach has garnered praise from listeners who appreciate the depth of analysis.
  • Empathy and Respect for Victims: The hosts approach each case with sensitivity and empathy towards the victims and their families. They humanize the stories, focusing on the impact of the crimes rather than sensationalizing them. This compassionate approach has resonated with listeners who appreciate the podcast’s commitment to honoring the victims.

What Listeners Love the Least*:

  • Lengthy Episodes: Some listeners have expressed that the podcast episodes of Murderville can be quite lengthy. While the in-depth exploration of cases is appreciated by many, others prefer shorter episodes that deliver information more succinctly. The podcast’s comprehensive approach may not suit listeners who prefer a quicker pace or concise storytelling.
  • Strong Social Justice Lens: While many appreciate Murderville for its emphasis on social justice and critical analysis of the criminal justice system, some listeners have found the podcast’s perspective to be too politically charged.
  • Personal Opinions: Like any podcast, Murderville is hosted by individuals with their own perspectives and opinions. Occasionally, some listeners have felt that the hosts’ personal biases or opinions overshadowed the objective presentation of facts or influenced the overall narrative. This subjectivity might not resonate with listeners who prefer a more neutral or detached approach to storytelling.

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