Moms and Mysteries Comedy/Casual

Hosted By: Melissa and Mandy
Podcast Formerly Titled: Moms and Murder

Moms and Mysteries iis a weekly podcast that combines elements of parenthood and unraveling unsolved mysteries. The show presents an array of unexplained phenomena, from true crime cases to supernatural occurrences, all delivered with the flair and humor of two moms.

Moms and Mysteries’ Podcast Hosts:

Melissa is the creator, editor and co-host of two podcasts, Moms and Mysteries (formerly Moms and Murder), and CRIMINALITY. She first entered the podcast landscape in 2017 when she and her friend, Mandy, debuted “Moms and Murder,” a weekly true crime podcast. “Moms” attracted an audience quickly, and Melissa soon learned she wasn’t the only one who snuck Dateline episodes and true crime podcasts between late-night feedings and toddler playdates. Moms and Murder continues to consistently chart in the true crime category and has garnered over million downloads to date. Drawing from the success of her first podcast, Melissa tapped into her other passion; reality TV. In February of 2021, Melissa launched a second podcast, CRIMINALITY, which explores the non-murdery true crimes of reality stars. The two shows marry her long-standing obsessions, true crime and reality TV.

Mandy is an independent podcaster and entrepreneur who writes and co-hosts the hit podcast, Moms and Mysteries (formerly Moms and Murder). Working alongside her witty friend, Melissa, she has helped produce the weekly true crime podcast for over 4 years, which has amassed over 30 million downloads. The Moms have successfully built an engaged audience of loyal listeners who tune in every Tuesday to hear them break down real crime stories in a palatable and easy-to-listen to manner. Mandy was born and raised in Central Florida where she currently lives with her family. She enjoys a fast-paced life and when she’s not working on new content she is sure to be off on a new adventure with her adorable pointer puppy, Lila.

Praise from Listeners*:

  • Tone and Approach: The hosts engage in easy-going and friendly banter, which makes listeners feel as if they’re part of a personal conversation among friends.
  • Perspective: The maternal perspective that Melissa and Mandy bring to their discussions adds an extra layer of depth and authenticity. It gives listeners a unique viewpoint, often making connections between the mysteries discussed and experiences in parenting and family life that are both insightful and relatable.

Criticisms from Listeners*:

  • Casual Banter: While many listeners enjoy the casual conversation style, some find it distracting from the main content.
  • Tone During Sensitive Discussions: While the blend of humor and mystery works well for most of the podcast, some listeners have expressed a preference for a more serious tone when discussing particularly grim or sensitive topics. Balancing the light-hearted and serious elements is a tricky aspect of the podcast’s unique format and a point of constructive criticism.

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4.7 out of 5.0
Content 4.0
Audio 5.0
Host(s) 5.0
  • Amanda Orama
    May 17, 2021 at 3:38 pm

    After the first 2 episodes I’m already willing to give an excellent review. You guys shared some heavy topics and I’m excited to get more and more out of this podcast. I was looking through Spotify searching for an interesting and not so boring podcast to listen to while I do things like study or drive to work, and I stumbled across your “Moms & Murder “podcast! I was listening to one of the more recent episodes posted on May 11, and I was immediately pulled in with a feeling of appreciation after you guys thanked and welcomed the audience for listening, that’s something you don’t really hear in podcasts! But thank you Mandy and Melissa for sharing your thoughts in this form! There’s absolutely no form of filler fakeness. Each episode is insightful and full of thought. Please keep sharing. Thank you for not falling prey to the extra lengthy podcast trend and staying true to your goal. Anyways, do you guys find all your cases through research or are we allowed to submit cases we’d like to hear talked about? If that’s the case I would absolutely love if you guys could talk about the “Jeanette DePalma Case”, its unsolved and really piques my interest and I feel like you guys can break it down the best! I really like how you guys break everything down in chronological order and explain the crime through length and detail, I want to study something in a more detective like field and listening to these podcasts makes me feel more inspired. I only took away one star because the ads with the sponsors are somewhat lengthy, but I do understand it’s necessary. You guys also did a great job with not making the podcast make me want to jump in to bed and take a nap, there’s always a new scary detail that keeps me and engaged and your lightly mixed humor and laughs makes me feel like I’m sitting next to you guys and being a part of the podcast (or should I say like one of the girls!) Overall, you guys earned a loyal listener, and I can’t wait to hear more episodes!

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