Missing Maura Murray Crawlspace, Investigative, Missing Persons

Hosted By: Tim Pilleri & Lance Reenstierna
Produced By: Crawlspace Media

Missing Maura Murray is a true crime podcast about the mysterious disappearance of 21 year old Maura Murray, in 2004.

At approximately 7:30pm her car was involved in a single car, non life threatening accident at a hairpin turn on the dark and desolate Route 112. The few witnesses who spoke with police said she denied their assistance. She was gone without a trace before the police showed up approximately ten minutes later. She has never been seen or heard from since.

Join Tim and Lance as they continue to search for answers on this mystery by diving deep into Maura’s life, the region in which she went missing and the online world of citizen detectives.

Missing Maura Murray Podcast Hosts:

From the Boston suburb of Medford, MA, Tim Pilleri’s father got him involved in Medford’s public access station at the age of 9, where he was soon directing live shows. After success on stage in college and in Boston, Tim embarked for Los Angeles in 2004 and has worked in the entertainment industry ever since. Tim currently hosts three popular true crime podcasts called Crawlspace, Missing Maura Murray, and Empty Frames with friend of fifteen years Lance Reenstierna. Missing Maura Murray was the inspiration for Oxygen Network’s The Disappearance of Maura Murray TV show, which was a cable hit.

Lance Reenstierna began his career in the entertainment and media industry by producing original stage shows and murder mystery dinner theater experiences. A troupe was formed, and over the course of ten years and a dozen shows, performances brought the houses down. It was midway through this time that he met Tim Pilleri From there, the partnership was formed and the two of them have gone on to produce films, documentaries, live shows and podcasts.

Praise from Listeners*:

  • Exclusive Interviews: The hosts conduct interviews with key individuals involved in the case, including Maura’s family members, law enforcement personnel, and experts. These firsthand accounts provide unique insights and personal perspectives, deepening the audience’s connection to the story.
  • Community Involvement: The podcast fosters a supportive and active community of listeners who share their theories, ideas, and discoveries. Tim and Lance encourage audience participation, allowing for collaborative brainstorming and collective efforts to solve the mystery.
  • Empathy and Respect: The hosts demonstrate empathy and sensitivity towards Maura Murray and her loved ones, treating the case with the utmost respect. They emphasize the human aspect of the story, creating a compassionate atmosphere for listeners.
  • Spreading Awareness: The podcast has become a platform to raise awareness about Maura Murray’s case, garnering support from listeners worldwide. Through their podcast, Tim and Lance have inspired others to get involved and advocate for justice.
  • Impactful Listener Experiences: Numerous listeners have shared stories of how the podcast influenced their lives, from sparking a passion for true crime investigations to encouraging them to pursue careers in law enforcement or criminal justice.

Criticisms from Listeners*:

  • Speculation vs. Evidence: Some listeners have expressed concerns about the podcast’s tendency to delve into speculative theories without sufficient supporting evidence. Critics argue that this approach may occasionally detract from the factual investigation and cloud the overall picture of the case.
  • Lengthy Digressions: The podcast has been criticized for occasionally veering off-topic or indulging in lengthy tangents unrelated to the case. This can lead to a loss of focus and frustrate listeners seeking a more streamlined storytelling experience.
  • Lack of Objective Analysis: A few individuals have commented on a perceived lack of critical analysis in certain episodes. Critics argue that the hosts may sometimes become too emotionally invested in the case, potentially compromising their ability to present a balanced perspective or consider alternative explanations.
  • Repeated Content: Due to the extensive coverage of the case over several years, some listeners have voiced concerns about the repetition of information and theories across episodes. Critics argue that this can make the podcast feel repetitive and redundant for those who have followed the case closely from the beginning.

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Reviews (2)

2.7 out of 5.0
Content 1.5
Audio 4.5
Host(s) 2.0
  • Tippy
    November 10, 2021 at 5:39 pm

    I started this podcast because I am from the New England area and have followed this case from day one. I was looking forward to an in-depth analysis of the facts/interviews/theories and while I would rate the podcast “okay” there are some factors that make me comment out loud while listening and walking the dogs.

    1. The wishy-washiness of the hosts. C’mon guys…you’re not on a first date. You don’t have to agree completely with each other. You both can have separate opinions. Really.

    2. The whole psychic episode was laughable. Truly. You fed the psychic so much information she did nothing but repeat back to you what you said three minutes ago. And I know she’s a “terrific psychic” because your aunt went to her and stormed out of there after she said something your aunt didn’t like. My guess is that your aunt told her something three minutes earlier – the psychic said it again and she thought it was originally from the psychic. Bad call.

    3. This whole John Smith person. He was lamenting that four of the calls were not recorded by police on the log. If he is such a hot shot PI that he claims to be – wouldn’t he be able to get the information like your “investigator” found? Methinks John Smith really enjoyed the limelight at the 12th gathering. His rambling speech was smug and you could see from his face that he was soaking it all in. Oh, and on a side note….his “soooo’s, his aaaannnnd’s and the numerous times he uses “like” are annoying. I also find it annoying how you two suck up to him. He’s not that great and in fact, confuses many issues.

    4. Tim and Lance can get boring with the tiniest of nonsensical details. The whole pickle/snack/weight loss woman’s issue was maddening. Stick with your original premise. Please.

    Helpful Review
  • cathie joy young
    July 4, 2019 at 4:34 pm

    Ugh. Rabbit hole after rabbit hole. Meanders in all directions and goes nowhere and milks every meaningless detail to fill time. Hosts claim they started the podcast as a prelude to a documentary they were making which never materialized. And they badmouth some folks involved with the case. Bad form.

    Helpful Review

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