Felonious Florida Investigative

Hosted By: Emma Kate Austin
Produced By: Wondery & Sun Sentinel

There’s more to Florida than sunshine and theme parks and Felonious Florida is giving you a seasonal investigative look into the dark side of the state.

From the story of a triple murder, to a killer clown and mysterious text messages from a missing woman, you’ll find stories within each season that have you wanting more – including a look into court documents, interviews and police reports from each case.

Felonious Florida Podcast Host:

Emma Kate Austin is a seasoned investigative journalist. With a passion for true crime and a knack for storytelling, Emma has dedicated her career to uncovering the secrets of criminal cases and bringing them to light. Her meticulous research, combined with her empathetic approach, allows her to delve deep into the minds of both criminals and victims, offering a unique perspective on the cases she covers.

Praise from Listeners*:

  • Engaging Delivery: Emma’s charismatic and emotive delivery style brings the stories to life, creating an immersive listening experience that hooks the audience from the start.
  • In-depth Analysis: Emma goes beyond the surface-level facts and delves deep into the psychology of criminals, offering insightful analysis and perspective on their motives and actions.
  • Interactive Engagement: Emma actively interacts with her audience, encouraging listeners to share their thoughts, theories, and personal experiences related to the cases, fostering a sense of community.

Criticisms from Listeners*:

  • Pacing: Some listeners have found certain episodes or segments of the podcast to be slow-paced, with a desire for a more concise and streamlined narrative.
  • Insufficient Depth: In a few instances, some listeners have expressed a desire for more in-depth analysis and exploration of the cases, suggesting that the podcast could provide a deeper understanding of the legal and investigative processes involved.
  • Sensationalism: A few individuals have felt that certain episodes or aspects of the podcast leaned toward sensationalism, potentially sensationalizing crime or exploiting the victims for entertainment purposes.
  • Lack of original content: While the podcast delivers well-researched and compelling stories, a few critics have argued that it does not always offer significant new information or fresh perspectives on cases that are already well-known in the true crime genre.

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