Fatal Voyage Famous, Investigative

Hosted By: Dylan Howard
Produced By: Treefort Media

Fatal Voyage takes an investigative look at the mysterious death of Natalie Wood, an acclaimed actress who drowned in 1981 while on a yacht with her husband, actor Robert Wagner, and Christopher Walken.

From a behind the scenes look of Natalie’s personal struggles in Hollywood, through her unpublished memoirs, along with interviews from those closest to the case, this podcast will have you questioning what really happened on the boat that night.

Was she murdered or did she take her own life that night? You decide.

With over 25 million downloads and 100 million media impressions worldwide, the series was one of Apple Podcasts’ Most Downloaded New Shows of 2018 and was named a 2019 Webby Best Series honoree by the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences.

Fatal Voyage Podcast Host:

Dylan Howard is an author of 7 books and perhaps best known for his unscripted true crime and entertainment television programming.

In 2011, Dylan was named National Entertainment Journalist of the Year. He is also a 2-time honoree in The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences’ Webby Awards for podcasting.

Praise from Listeners*:

  • Strong storytelling: Dylan Howard’s storytelling ability keeps listeners engaged from the first moment. He captures the essence of each maritime mystery, creating an atmosphere that pulls listeners deeper into the narrative.
  • Expert interviews: Fatal Voyage features interviews with renowned experts in maritime law enforcement, forensics, and psychology which listeners enjoyed.
  • Thought-provoking Analysis: Fatal Voyage encourages listeners to think critically and form their own theories about each mystery. Dylan Howard presents various possibilities, providing a balanced analysis that allows listeners to engage actively with the cases and draw their own conclusions.

Criticisms from Listeners*:

  • Lack of Objectivity: Some critics argue that the podcast leans too heavily towards speculation and sensationalism, potentially compromising objectivity in the pursuit of captivating storytelling.
  • Repetition: A few listeners have pointed out instances of repetition within episodes or across the series, which can detract from the overall listening experience.
  • Over Reliance on Dramatic Elements: Some listeners have felt that the podcast occasionally focuses too much on dramatic elements, such as sound effects or intense background music, which they find distracting or unnecessary.

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