Produced By: Wondery
Hosted By: Laura Beil

Dr. Death explores the real-life story of Doctor Christopher Duntsch — a neurosurgeon who claimed to be the best surgeon in Dallas for those in need of back surgery.

However, what he forgot to mention to potential patients were the 33 patients who became victims under his care, with little being done by the medical board about it.

In this podcast, you’ll learn what happened when another surgeon takes matters into his own hands to explore what is really happening to these patients and how deep the deception went throughout the medical field that allowed this to happen in the first place.

You’ll also hear updates on the current developments that are happening with the case, as they continue to unfold.

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Most FavorableJaw dropping story that they not only couldn’t stop listening to but had to share with others.

Most Critical: Too many ads throughout the podcast.

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