Dirty John Investigative

Hosted By: Christopher Goffard
Produced By: LA Times

Dirty John takes an inside look at the true story of Debra Newell and John Meehan.

On the outside, John had it all. A successful job, great looks and a captivating story that attracted Debra instantly. However, he also brought along a lifetime of secrets and deception that bring what started as the “perfect romance” into a twisted web of both lies and survival. In this podcast, you’ll go along for the entire ride and make your own conclusions as to what you would do, if faced with the same situation.

Dirty John Podcast Host:

Christopher Goffard is a Pulitzer Prize-winning American journalist, author, and podcaster. He is a staff writer for the Los Angeles Times and was a finalist for the Edgar Allan Poe Award for the Best First Novel. His podcast Dirty John has been downloaded more than 50 million times.

Praise from Listeners*:

  • Real-life Intrigue: Dirty John presents a true crime story that unfolds like a thrilling novel, engaging the audience with its shocking events, complex characters, and the dark underbelly of human relationships.
  • Emotional Connection: Goffard’s compassionate approach to storytelling allows listeners to connect deeply with the victims and their experiences, eliciting a range of emotions from empathy to outrage.
  • Compelling Interviews: The podcast features interviews with key individuals involved in the case, including family members, law enforcement officials, and experts, providing unique insights and perspectives.
  • Production Quality: The podcast’s high-quality production values, including sound design and music, enhance the overall listening experience, immersing the audience further into the story.

Criticisms from Listeners*:

  • Questionable Ethical Choices: Some listeners and reviewers have raised concerns about certain ethical choices made by the podcast, such as the level of intrusion into the personal lives of the individuals involved in the case.
  • Lack of Deep Analysis: Critics argue that the podcast could provide more in-depth analysis and exploration of the psychological, sociological, and cultural factors surrounding the case, rather than primarily focusing on the narrative itself.
  • Lack of New Information: For those already familiar with the case through other media or coverage, Dirty John does not offer significant new insights or revelations.

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