Dark Poutine Podcast – True Crime and Dark History Comedy/Casual, Paranormal

Hosted By: Mike Browne & Scott Hemenway
Produced By: Curious Cast

Dark Poutine Podcast – True Crime and Dark History takes a weekly look into the true crime and the legends, folklore and dark history that surround it – all from the perspective of two Canadians.

Dark Poutine Podcast – True Crime and Dark History Hosts:

Mike Browne’s curiosity, love of storytelling, and lifelong interest in the true-crime genre led him to create the popular, award-winning Dark Poutine podcast in 2017. Mike’s experience as a trauma survivor is evident in the compassion and thoughtful connection he brings to the stories he writes and voices. Mike is also a regular co-host on the radio show The House of Mystery, which plays nightly on KCAA in Los Angeles.

Scott Hemenway is a podcaster and co-host of Dark Poutine. As an avid true crime enthusiast, he brings a fresh perspective to each episode, offering thought-provoking insights and engaging discussions with Mike.

Praise from Listeners*:

  • Highlighting Unsolved Cases: Dark Poutine Podcast’s dedication to shedding light on unsolved cases and advocating for justice for victims is appreciated by fans who want to see these cases solved.
  • Cultural and Historical Context: Listeners enjoy the podcast’s exploration of the cultural and historical context surrounding the crimes, providing a richer understanding of the cases.
  • Balanced Tone: The podcast strikes a balance between acknowledging the seriousness of the crimes and incorporating lighter moments, creating an engaging and approachable atmosphere.

Criticisms from Listeners*:

  • Pacing and Length: A few listeners have expressed that certain episodes feel overly long or that the pacing could be improved, occasionally resulting in a loss of momentum.
  • Graphic Content: Due to the nature of true crime, some listeners have found certain episodes to be too graphic or unsettling, desiring more warnings or content advisories for sensitive topics.
  • Humor Balance: While many appreciate the hosts’ light-hearted approach and occasional humor, a few listeners have felt that the comedic elements can at times overshadow the seriousness of the subject matter.

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