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Hosted By: Rebecca Lavoie, Kevin Flynn, Toby Ball and Lara Bricker
Produced By: Partners in Crime Media

Find yourself multi-passionate about your styles of true crime consumption? If so, Crime Writers On… has you covered.

In a weekly round-table discussion, you’ll find true crime authors Rebecca Lavoie and Kevin Flynn along noir novelist Toby Ball and journalist-turned-investigator Lara Bricker talking about everything true crime including other true crime podcasts, popular TV shows, current cases in the news and more.

Crime Writers On.. Podcast Hosts:

Rebecca Lavoie and Kevin Flynn are the creators and co-hosts of several podcasts under their own mini-network Partners in Crime Media. Their flagship show, Crime Writers On… is a pop culture commentary panel looking at true crime podcasts and crime-adjacent television shows and documentaries. Flynn and Lavoie are also true crime writers, having co-authored four crime books, including Our Little Secret and Notes on a Killing. They’re also a real-life married couple.

Toby Ball has had stints in journalism, teaching, nonprofits and higher education. Toby is the author of the widely acclaimed City Trilogy, set in in a dystopian 1930s America. His books include The Vaults, Scorch City, and Invisible Streets. In addition to his Patreon-exclusive podcast, “Toby Ball’s Deep Dive Book Club,” Toby is the host of “Strange Arrivals,” from Grim & Mild and iHeartRadio.

Lara Bricker is a journalist, true crime author, former private investigator and certified cat detective. Her work has appeared in the Portsmouth Herald, the Exeter News-Letter, the Hampton Union, the New Hampshire Union Leader, Woman’s World magazine, USA Today, Vulture, and the Boston Globe. Lara is the author of the Piper Greene Exeter mysteries series, including Dead on Deadline and The Final Curtain. She also wrote the true crime hit Lie after Lie: The True Story of a Master of Deception, Betrayal, and Murder.

Praise from Listeners*:

  • Engaging Chemistry: The dynamic interplay between the hosts makes for entertaining and enjoyable conversations that keep listeners engaged.
  • Recommendations: The podcast often recommends new true crime documentaries, podcasts, and books, providing a valuable resource for listeners.
  • Blend of Seriousness and Humor: The hosts strike a balance between the serious nature of true crime and injecting humor into the discussions.
  • Timely Discussions: The podcast covers recent true crime podcasts and documentaries, ensuring listeners stay up-to-date with the latest developments and can participate in current conversations.

Criticisms from Listeners*:

  • Off-Topic Tangents: Occasionally, the hosts may veer off-topic or engage in lengthy tangents, which some listeners find distracting or detracting from the main focus of the episode.
  • Lack of Diversity in Perspectives: While the hosts bring their unique perspectives to the discussions, some listeners have noted a lack of diversity in terms of race, ethnicity, and lived experiences among the hosts, which can limit the range of perspectives presented.
  • Heavy Promotion: The podcast occasionally includes promotional segments for sponsors or other projects, which some listeners find disruptive to the flow of the episode or overly commercialized.

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