Bardstown Investigative

Hosted By: Shay McAlister
Produced By: VAULT Studios

Bardstown dives deep into a string of unsolved murders in and around a rural Kentucky town.

In season one, host Shay McAlister investigated five unsolved crimes in and around Bardstown, KY.

Season two went beyond Bardstown, investigating a deadly fire in the bayou community of Lacombe, LA.

Now, McAlister is returning to co-host season three, “Beyond Bardstown: Unsolved,” alongside Madison Wade, a reporter and anchor at KING5 in Seattle and the former host of the ABC10 TV news series “California Unsolved.” Each episode, the two journalists will look back at a different unsolved case they have covered in search of new insights and, hopefully, answers.

Bardstown Podcast Host:

Shay McAlister is a journalist who serves as an anchor and investigative journalist at WHAS11 in Louisville, KY.

Praise from Listeners*:

  • Personal Connections: Shay McAlister connects with the individuals affected by these crimes, sharing their personal stories and emotional journeys, creating a strong bond between listeners and the podcast’s subjects.
  • Thorough Investigation: The podcast goes beyond the surface-level accounts, engaging in extensive research and interviews with key individuals to provide a comprehensive understanding of the cases.
  • Community Impact: Bardstown highlights the impact these crimes have had on the tight-knit community, shedding light on the resilience and strength of Bardstown’s residents.
  • Ethical Journalism: The host’s dedication to ethical reporting and responsible journalism resonates with listeners, ensuring that the podcast maintains its integrity throughout.

Criticisms from Listeners*:

  • Pacing and Length: Some listeners have expressed that certain episodes or portions of the podcast feel slow-paced or overly long, potentially affecting the overall engagement and momentum of the storytelling.
  • Bias and Subjectivity: Despite the podcast’s commitment to ethical journalism, a few listeners have raised concerns about potential bias or subjectivity in the storytelling. They argue that certain aspects or perspectives might be omitted or downplayed, leading to an incomplete portrayal of the events.
  • Repetition and Redundancy: A small number of listeners have noted instances of repetition or redundancy in the podcast, where certain information or details are rehashed multiple times. This repetition can occasionally impede the overall flow and impact of the narrative.

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