Affirmative Murder Comedy/Casual, POC

Hosted By: Fran and Alvin

Ranging from the weird to the shocking, Affirmative Murder is a weekly podcast that aims to bring equality into the true crime space by covering murders that involve minorities.

Affirmative Murder Podcast Host:

Fran is a part time True Crime podcaster, and full time badass rain sleet or snow USPS worker. He’s obsessed with the unanswered questions, and speculation that comes with cold case stories, and he also has an unhealthy obsession with peanut butter cups.

Alvin’s biggest fascination in true crime is cults. The psychology, the lifestyle, the commitment, when he’s not watching cult documentaries, you can likely find him at his local Trader Joe’s, in the frozen food section.

Praise from Listeners*:

  • Empathetic Approach: Fran and Alvin’s genuine care for the victims and their families shines through in their empathetic discussions, leaving a lasting
  • Host Chemistry: The chemistry between Fran and Alvin is infectious, making the podcast feel like a conversation among friends, inviting listeners to participate.
  • Attention to Lesser-known Cases: Affirmative Murder explores not only high-profile cases but also shines a light on lesser-known crimes, broadening listeners’ awareness of various criminal acts.

Criticisms from Listeners*:

  • Inappropriate Humor: The use of humor as a coping mechanism in discussing sensitive topics like true crime can be subjective. While many appreciate the hosts’ ability to inject humor, others may find it inappropriate or insensitive.
  • Tangential Conversations: Occasionally, Fran and Alvin may deviate from the main topic and engage in tangential discussions or personal anecdotes. While this can add a conversational touch, it may be seen as distracting or detracting from the main focus of the podcast for some listeners.
  • Length of Episodes: Affirmative Murder episodes often have a longer runtime due to the hosts’ in-depth discussions. This can be a positive aspect for those who enjoy deep dives, but others prefer shorter, more concise episodes.

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