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  • Michelle cox November 11, 2021

    found this very 👍

  • Tippy November 10, 2021

    I started this podcast because I am from the New England area and have followed this case from day one. I was looking forward to an in-depth analysis of the facts/interviews/theories and while I would rate the podcast “okay” there are some factors that make me comment out loud while listening and walking the dogs.

    1. The wishy-washiness of the hosts. C’mon guys…you’re not on a first date. You don’t have to agree completely with each other. You both can have separate opinions. Really.

    2. The whole psychic episode was laughable. Truly. You fed the psychic so much information she did nothing but repeat back to you what you said three minutes ago. And I know she’s a “terrific psychic” because your aunt went to her and stormed out of there after she said something your aunt didn’t like. My guess is that your aunt told her something three minutes earlier - the psychic said it again and she thought it was originally from the psychic. Bad call.

    3. This whole John Smith person. He was lamenting that four of the calls were not recorded by police on the log. If he is such a hot shot PI that he claims to be - wouldn’t he be able to get the information like your “investigator” found? Methinks John Smith really enjoyed the limelight at the 12th gathering. His rambling speech was smug and you could see from his face that he was soaking it all in. Oh, and on a side note….his “soooo’s, his aaaannnnd’s and the numerous times he uses “like” are annoying. I also find it annoying how you two suck up to him. He’s not that great and in fact, confuses many issues.

    4. Tim and Lance can get boring with the tiniest of nonsensical details. The whole pickle/snack/weight loss woman’s issue was maddening. Stick with your original premise. Please.

  • Amanda Orama May 17, 2021

    After the first 2 episodes I’m already willing to give an excellent review. You guys shared some heavy topics and I’m excited to get more and more out of this podcast. I was looking through Spotify searching for an interesting and not so boring podcast to listen to while I do things like study or drive to work, and I stumbled across your “Moms & Murder “podcast! I was listening to one of the more recent episodes posted on May 11, and I was immediately pulled in with a feeling of appreciation after you guys thanked and welcomed the audience for listening, that’s something you don’t really hear in podcasts! But thank you Mandy and Melissa for sharing your thoughts in this form! There’s absolutely no form of filler fakeness. Each episode is insightful and full of thought. Please keep sharing. Thank you for not falling prey to the extra lengthy podcast trend and staying true to your goal. Anyways, do you guys find all your cases through research or are we allowed to submit cases we’d like to hear talked about? If that’s the case I would absolutely love if you guys could talk about the “Jeanette DePalma Case”, its unsolved and really piques my interest and I feel like you guys can break it down the best! I really like how you guys break everything down in chronological order and explain the crime through length and detail, I want to study something in a more detective like field and listening to these podcasts makes me feel more inspired. I only took away one star because the ads with the sponsors are somewhat lengthy, but I do understand it’s necessary. You guys also did a great job with not making the podcast make me want to jump in to bed and take a nap, there’s always a new scary detail that keeps me and engaged and your lightly mixed humor and laughs makes me feel like I’m sitting next to you guys and being a part of the podcast (or should I say like one of the girls!) Overall, you guys earned a loyal listener, and I can’t wait to hear more episodes!

  • JOEY L DUST March 17, 2021

    The world would be a better place if everyone listened to this podcast. It is engrossing but also highly informative, educational, inspring, and fascinating. This podcast is not only giving you the deepest analysis with expert insights, it is changing lives and saving lives. You may find yourself advocating for marginalized victims and seeing some of the the people in your own life clearly for the first time. A must listen!

  • Miss Julie March 10, 2021

    I want to like this show. Skipped Season 1. Season 2 is a riveting story. However, like lots of others, I find the actors Terriable Jarring and totally destroy the flow. Don't mean to be specific for any reason then to be clear for the creators, The actors playing the main investigators are TERRIBLE!!!!! BAD!!! Can't keep listening. Uggh!