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  • Linda James January 29, 2024

    Thoughtful and informative podcast series on this cold case. Left me hanging on each episode to see what was going to be uncovered next.

  • Patricia Bouchard January 4, 2024

    The host is so great! Love the accent!
    He really knows what he is talking about. Great way to learn from serial killers that are not so well known.
    Can't stop listening to it!

  • Felicia November 3, 2023

    Is there anyway the cussing can calm down? I love your Podcast and so do my kids, but the bad language.

  • Michelle cox November 11, 2021

    found this very đź‘Ť

  • Tippy November 10, 2021

    I started this podcast because I am from the New England area and have followed this case from day one. I was looking forward to an in-depth analysis of the facts/interviews/theories and while I would rate the podcast “okay” there are some factors that make me comment out loud while listening and walking the dogs.

    1. The wishy-washiness of the hosts. C’mon guys…you’re not on a first date. You don’t have to agree completely with each other. You both can have separate opinions. Really.

    2. The whole psychic episode was laughable. Truly. You fed the psychic so much information she did nothing but repeat back to you what you said three minutes ago. And I know she’s a “terrific psychic” because your aunt went to her and stormed out of there after she said something your aunt didn’t like. My guess is that your aunt told her something three minutes earlier - the psychic said it again and she thought it was originally from the psychic. Bad call.

    3. This whole John Smith person. He was lamenting that four of the calls were not recorded by police on the log. If he is such a hot shot PI that he claims to be - wouldn’t he be able to get the information like your “investigator” found? Methinks John Smith really enjoyed the limelight at the 12th gathering. His rambling speech was smug and you could see from his face that he was soaking it all in. Oh, and on a side note….his “soooo’s, his aaaannnnd’s and the numerous times he uses “like” are annoying. I also find it annoying how you two suck up to him. He’s not that great and in fact, confuses many issues.

    4. Tim and Lance can get boring with the tiniest of nonsensical details. The whole pickle/snack/weight loss woman’s issue was maddening. Stick with your original premise. Please.