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True Crime Podcasts You Need to Listen to on Your Next Road Trip

If you’re like us, you’re probably dying to get out of the house. As an increasing number of parks and beaches open up, you finally have the opportunity to stretch out your legs and enjoy mother nature. To keep yourself occupied on the drive to your new vacation destination, we’ve compiled a list of fascinating and spine-chilling true crime podcasts for you to check out. 

Ear Hustle

For a different take on true crime and living with its consequences, listen to Ear Hustle. Stories of life inside California’s San Quentin State Prison are shared by the people living in it in this award-winning podcast.

Ear Hustle was founded in 2017 by Nigel Poor, along with Earlonne Woods and Antwan Willians, who were both incarcerated at the time. Stories of life inside the prison, as well as life post-incarceration, are told throughout each episode. Everything from learning how to live with a roommate in a 4’x9’ space to coping through a lengthy prison sentence is covered in this riveting series.

Start listening to this poignant and unforgettable podcast series now. 

Running from COPS

Running from COPS also offers a unique look into crime in America from a policing standpoint. In this podcast, host Dan Taberski investigates the show COPS and its impact on how policing in America is viewed by regular citizens. Throughout each episode, Running from COPS tries to answer compelling questions, such as why police officers and camera crews would want to put certain offenders on camera as well as how these people have been affected by having their faces placed on public TV.

Check out this riveting podcast series as you head out for your road trip now.

Finding Tammy Jo

Brought to you by The Democrat and Chronicle and WXXI News, Finding Tammy Jo seeks to figure out who killed Tammy Jo. In November of 1979, Tammy’s body was discovered in a family cornfield in Caledonia, New York. Investigators soon realized she had been shot twice. However, the investigation into who killed this young girl is still underway. That’s why hosts Gary Craig and Veronica Volk are determined to uncover what happened to this young girl in this haunting investigative podcast series.

Start listening now to follow their investigation. 

The Clearing

April Balascio always feared the worst of her father. At 40 years old, her suspicions were confirmed when it was discovered that her father had murdered several people. The Clearing examines the fallout of her father’s arrest and eventual conviction. During each episode, both April and host Josh Dean examine her childhood and life with Edward Wayne Edwards. As they examine April’s past, they also confront the online narrative that turned her father into a serial killer’s caricature.

You can listen to this true crime podcast on Apple Podcasts

Up and Vanished

Up and Vanished starts off its first season by investigating the disappearance of Tara Grinstead. In 2005, the beauty queen and high school teacher vanished from her home in Ocilla, Georgia. For 11 years, no arrests were made. In season 1 of Up and Vanishes, producer Payne Lindsey heads back to his home state of Georgia to investigate the case. Since its release, the GBI has arrested two suspects for Tara’s murder.
Follow the case as you embark on your road trip.

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