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Heart-Pounding True Crime Podcasts on the Golden State Killer

The Golden State Killer, Joseph James DeAngelo, had raped over 50 victims, murdered over 13 people, and committed over 100 burglaries between 1974 and 1986 in California. It wasn’t until 2018 when DeAngelo was finally arrested and charged for his crimes. DeAngelo’s name recently made headlines again after he plead guilty to all charges against him in late June of 2020. DeAngelo will now spend the rest of his life in prison.

Whether you have been following the case from the beginning or you have only recently heard of it, you will find yourself captivated by these true crime podcasts on it.

Unmasking a Killer

A thrilling true crime podcast that follows the case from the beginning all the way to the bitter end

Over 24 episodes of riveting narration, HLN true crime podcast Unmasking a Killer investigates the twisted crimes committed by the Golden State Killer. With its first episode in 2018, Unmasking a Killer starts the investigation from a time point before James DeAngelo was caught.

But even before his arrest, Unmasking a Killer suspected the unknown killer was still alive. Featuring brand new interviews with key case detectives and profilers, this podcast offers a riveting look into the hunt for the Golden State Killer and the events that eventually lead to the arrest of DeAngelo.   


Riveting true crime podcast that attempts to uncover the Golden State Killer’s true identity

12-26-75 starts out with one question. Was Donna Richmond’s murder the end of a string of crimes that plagued California? Or did investigators convict the wrong person?

12-26-75 offers a unique look into the murders of the Golden State killer by providing new information into her case. Along with Richmond’s case, the podcast also investigates a string of burglaries, another murder of a young teenager, and an injured father who was shot protecting his young daughter during an attempted kidnapping.

The podcast also features an extra episode released after James DeAngelo was caught. Make sure you follow the series to the end so you can listen to the hosts tie all of the strings together. 

HBO’s I’ll Be Gone in the Dark

Companion cast for the popular HBO documentary series

Hosted by writer and editor Nancy Miller, I’ll Be Gone in the Dark functions as a companion podcast to the popular HBO documentary series.

Throughout each podcast, Miller interviews directors Liz Garbus, Elizabeth Wolff, and other special guests as they discuss each accompanying episode. You will also listen to the survivors, players who were closest to the investigation, detectives who were on the original cases, and even the unofficial investigators who unearthed clues to the case on their own.

Miller also shares a professional connection with Michelle McNamara, the late author of the groundbreaking book the podcast named itself after — I’ll Be Gone in the Dark. Included in the podcast are archival recordings from McNamara as well as audio from her close friends and family.  

Man in the Window: The Golden State Killer

Audio series hosted by a Pulitzer Prize winning investigative reporter

Man in the Window: The Golden State Killer follows the harrowing tale of the Golden State Killer from the eyes of his victims. Paige St. John, a Pulitzer Prize winning reporter, hosts the true crime podcast series. Along with a close look into some of McNamara’s most notorious crimes, Man in the Window also examines instances in which the law did not act on the side of the victims.

Need a new true crime podcast to binge? Check out some more of our top picks at True Crime Connection now.

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