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True Crime Podcasts if You Are Fascinated by Cults of all Kinds

True Crime Podcasts if You Are Fascinated by Cults of all Kinds

History overflows with cults, and pop culture’s fascination with the phenomena shows it. Hints of secret fraternal organizations abound in movies such as Da Vinci Code, The Skulls, and even National Treasure. 

There is clearly something about exclusive, secretive organizations that we find fascinating. They are a world we are fortunately left out of–but forever curious about. 

But with cults, this exclusivity and secrecy often take a dark turn. There’s a reason so many cults fall under the true crime category–from white-collar crime to robbery, cults will do just about anything to keep their ideology alive. 

Even commit murder. 

But how do cults work? And perhaps an even more important question might be, how do cults start? 

If you find the true stories of cults fascinating, we’re counting down the best true crime podcasts that answer these questions and more. They dive into some of the most fascinating cults you never even knew existed, from cult leaders inspired by salacious erotica novels to cults that might just be lurking at the local animal shelter. 

By the time you are done, you might wonder if that multi-level marketing company you were about to be recruited to or that self-improvement seminar you were invited to is just a simple business opportunity… or a cult. 

Sometimes the line between a popular trend and mind-controlling cult can be very thin. With these true crime podcasts, you will discover precisely how thin that line can be. 

But be warned–these true crime podcasts might change the way you see just about everything in this world. 

Obsessed with cults? These true crime podcasts tell the stories of the sinister machinations of cults you thought you already knew–and those you’ve never heard of.  


With its focus on the creepiest cults you’ve never heard of, the Cults podcast is aptly named. From Parcast, the same network that brought you Haunted Places and Gone, Cults follows a similar storytelling format. With the beautiful voices of narrators Greg and Vanessa, you will almost forget you are listening to a podcast that is almost certain to end badly (as cult stories often do). With their approach to telling the story, you’ll have a better understanding of how cults work, why they are so compelling, and why people are tempted to join. By the time you finish just a few episodes, you will truly understand the signs and symbols of cultism from safer grounds. 

Cult.. or Just Weird?

When it comes to pop culture, some things show the signs of cultism, admittedly in a less sinister manner–from YouTubers with millions of devoted subscribers to an almost uncanny cultural obsession with sourdough bread. 

The grey area between geeky fandom and cult is what the Cult… or Just Weird? Podcast explores. From seemingly harmless MLMs to elaborate stage shows with peculiar origins, the podcast reviews pop culture trends through the magnifying glass lens of a cult, searching for signs and symbols of cultism. Does the trend have a charismatic leader, for example? Does it tend to separate practitioners from their family units?  

Cult or Just weird is a bit out of the true crime podcast genre in its proper sense but explores lesser crimes that border on just plain creepy. Who knew learning about cults could be so relatable?

Cults of Our Lives

The title of the Cults of Our Lives is fitting. Resembling something of a cautionary tale, it speaks to the somewhat disturbing truth that cults are somewhat integrated into not only society but into everyday life. 

Maybe even your life. 

Covering some of the most relevant cults in today’s headlines, Cults of our Lives stands out for their coverage of what is relevant. From male supremacists to pyramid schemes, you will be informed about the cults that could very well be standing right on your doorstep. 

The Best True Crime Podcasts about Cults

They say that in cults the person at the top always knows its all a big scam–well with these true crime podcasts about cults, you will understand why cults operate the way they do and have a better understanding of how anyone can become a victim of their methodologies. 

These true crime podcasts will remind you to think twice before you commit your unquestioning loyalty to any fad. You’ll realize that the reason the scariest true crime podcasts often about cults is because it isn’t too hard to imagine one of these situations happening to you.

Craving more true crime cult podcasts? Dive deeper into the worlds of cults like Jonestown, the Mansons, and Heaven’s Gate with these addictive true crime cult podcasts. But be warned, these stories are not for the faint of heart.

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