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3 True Crime Podcasts to Satisfy Your Inner Historian

3 True Crime Podcasts to Satisfy Your Inner Historian

Are your favorite television shows period pieces such as Downton Abbey, Outlander, or just about any PBS mystery series? Are you addicted to History Channel?

You’ll be glad to know that there’s a true crime podcast for you too. 

It may be true that most true crime podcasts focus on more recent, headline-making cases such as the JonBenet Ramsey case, or the Susan Powell disappearance, with entire series being wrapped around a single event (yes we are talking about you Tiger King). But for those who love a true crime story pulled straight out of yesteryear’s breaking news, there’s a podcast for that too. 

Not only do these podcasts entertain, but they also educate you about another time and a different place. With their scintillating tales never taught by your high school history professor, these true crime podcasts are sure to sate your inner history buff. 

Looking for a true crime history podcast? Check out our top three picks for podcasts that cover history’s most fascinating crimes. 

True Crime Historian  

True Crime Historian takes its tantalizing tales straight out of the newspapers of yesteryear–literally. Each episode culls strange and unusual headlines from the newspapers of yesteryear in, as puts it, “The Golden Age of Yellow Journalism.”

In essence, it is a bit like listening to decades-old tabloids, without the guilt factor (it is history, after all). Hearing these tales of murder and robbery true crime story told in the fashion they might have been told at the time they happened adds an entirely new layer to the tone of the stories–one that history lovers will find fascinating. 

Most Notorious

The Most Notorious true crime podcast covers the most fascinating stories in true crime history you’ve never heard about.

For example, how about the 1931 Leavenworth Prison Break? Or the 1873 Smuttynose Axe Murders? 

The best part about this podcast is that its host, Erik Rivenes, conducts interviews with the experts on these murders–people who have literally written the book on the subject. If that isn’t music to a true historian’s true-crime heart, we don’t know what is. 

High Crimes and History

Humans have been committing crimes of all sorts throughout recorded history, but the vast majority of podcasts focus on crime stories that have taken place recently. High Crimes and History goes further back back–we’re talking about waaay back, covering everything from pirates, to the gunfight at the O.K. Corral, to even “out-of-the-box” crimes such as the opium trade in ancient China. 

Podcast husband and wife team Trevor and Katie Rhodes breakdown the important details in storytelling fashion so you won’t feel like you are sitting in a boring history lecture. 

True Crime’s Ancient History

They say that it is better to make history than to read about it. Well in the case of these true crime podcasts, it’s better to indulge in a good, long, listen. With their rich stories set against historic backdrops, from the ancient, to the Victorian, to today, you’re sure to become addicted. 

Whoever said history was boring?

Want to dive deeper into true crime podcasts? These True Crime podcasts will take you to another place.

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