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Vacation plans cancelled? Travel with these True Crime Podcasts

Vacation plans cancelled? Travel with these True Crime Podcasts

Covid-19 has hit everyday life hard, changing the way we do just about everything. One industry has been particularly affected is the travel industry. 

You might be one of those unlucky people whose summer has been put on hold because of the virus. With shuttered restaurants and closed borders travel really isn’t an option right now. Besides, what is fun about traveling when all the historic landmarks and delicious streetside cafes are closed anyway? 

Nonetheless, being stuck at home is a bummer. If you are feeling the vacation cancellation blues, we’ve got the cure–a heavy dose of true crime.  

These true crime podcasts will transport you to another place, virtually speaking of course. 

Killafornia Dreaming

With its stunning beaches, eternal sunshine, and Disneyland, California is America’s top tourist destination for a reason. If you were California Dreamin’ before the quarantine hit, don’t feel too bad. Even local Californians are California-dreaming with the current quarantine situation, resigned to watching sunsets via webcam. For locals and would-be visitors alike, Killafornia Dreaming might be just the cure. 

Covering front page California true crime such as the shocking Turpin case to more pop culture references such as “Who Killed the YouTube” star, whip up a mojito, and settle in for a bit of true crime against a California’s backdrop of palm trees and sunny beaches.

White Silence

White Silence is the perfect true-crime podcast to make you grateful you are not getting on an airplane anytime soon. It details the fascinating true story of a sightseeing flight to Antarctica that mysteriously crashed into Mount Erebus, killing 237 passengers and 20 crew members on board.

But the question remains–what caused the crash? 

A bit of a departure from the traditional true-crime podcast, White Silence provides perfectly crafted storytelling to take you straight back to the 1970s. You’ll feel the gravity of the moments leading up to the departure of the ill-fated flight–all from the safety of your Covid-19 isolation, of course. 

The Lady Vanishes

Hitchcock was onto something when he wrote about a nice old lady who disappeared on a train. There is something about kindly strangers vanishing practically before our very eyes that doesn’t sit quite right with us. 

The Lady Vanishes Podcast tells such a story. Marion Barter, a beloved mother, schoolteacher, and friend, set off on a grand tour of Europe in 1997. She made it as far as the UK, even sending a few postcards home. 

But she was never seen again. 

Her daughter hasn’t given up hope of finding her mother, and this true-crime podcast follows her story. And in an exciting twist, The Lady Vanishes Podcast has been on hiatus — new leads, it seems, are pouring in. 

Is this a disappearance that might be solved after all? 

Asian Madness 

The Asian Madness Podcast is a gem–it delves into some of the quirkier true crimes from the Asian continent you never knew about but will be glad you know about them now. You get a sense of this from the titles of its episodes. What is a “Yoga Ball of Death” exactly? Who was the “Evil Spiderman”? And what exactly is a “Hungry Ghost”?

From the traditional to the more esoteric, podcast host Jessica throws in a bit of mythology and culture, taking you on a peculiar journey to the Asian continent. 

Blood Ties

A fictional story Blood Ties is not technically a true-crime podcast, but it comes pretty close to feeling like one. From the same Wondery team behind popular podcasts Dr. Death and Dirty John, comes a story about two kids unraveling the dark secrets behind the disappearance of their parent’s flight en route to a family vacation in the tropics. 

Unlike other scripted murder-mystery or crime-driven scripted podcasts, this one feels so real perhaps because of its subject matter, which centers around very relevant subjects pulled right out of modern-day headlines. While the crime itself might not be real, the background certainly is. If you are trying to digest a bit of true-crime from the real world using a bit of fiction reversal, this is the podcast for you.

True Crime Podcasts to Vacation in Isolation

That’s our picks for the best podcasts to take you on a virtual vacation while we are all social distancing. They may not be exactly the kind of city tour you had in mind for your summer vacation, but with their fascinating stories and amazing podcast hosts, they will surely take you on a journey to places you haven’t been before. 


And hey, maybe after listening to these true crime stories, you might even be glad your vacation plans got canceled! Because as these true crime podcasts will remind you, sometimes it’s just safer to stay home. 
Got the Quarantine blues? These True Crime podcasts will make the hours of self-isolation fly by… 

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