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Enjoy Virtual Happy Hour with these True Crime Podcasts

Enjoy Virtual Happy Hour with these True Crime Podcasts

Covid19 has been changing a lot of things in daily life, from the way we eat, to the way we shop, to the way we watch movies. Thankfully, technology offers opportunities to get creative with the way we connect. From virtual book clubs to live online dance parties, people are finding ways to come together safely.

But what about happy hour? Was your ritual of after-work cocktails with friends something you looked forward to, before the pandemic robbed you of Taco Tuesday?

These true crime podcasts just might be the perfect cure for your happy hour blues. These true crime podcasters will make you feel like you are gathering with a few of your best friends for a conversation about one of your favorite subjects–murder, mayhem, all paired with your favorite glass of wine, or a martini. Heck, the stories they tell might even make you grateful that you have to stay inside.

Best True Crime Podcasts for Virtual Happy Hours

And That’s Why We Drink

Angelenos Christine Schiefer and Em Schulz make you feel like you are hanging out with two of your own closest friends. This is particularly true if your idea of the perfect cocktail-hour conversation includes topics such as Ohio’s Gore Orphanage Road and the most haunted house in Mississippi. 
With the perfect amount of good-natured jabs to make you feel like you are in close company, And That’s Why We Drink covers not only true crime but creepy supernatural lore as well. From dating game killers to haunted dolls (who might curse you with sleep paralysis if you look at them the wrong way, eeek) you will find yourself agreeing with these charming true crime podcasters as they declare their signature toast with a clink of their wine glasses…  “And, that’s why we drink!!!”

Wine & Crime

The level of panic surrounding the global pandemic is a constantly changing thing. One moment you might feel just fine cuddling up with your dog, binge-watching your favorite TV series. The next moment you might get an alert on your phone, notifying you that yet another hot spot of Covid19 has struck near you, and panic hits.

Wine & Crime is the perfect true-crime podcast to cure this particular brand of emotional whiplash. Comedians Kenyon, Amanda, and Lucy show quick-witted, Minnesotan humor as they discuss some of the best stories true crime has to offer (alongside other important topics such as the particulars of bra size). You’ll remember that laughter is the cure for just about anything, even a seemingly unending quarantine.

Let’s Wine About Murder

If you haven’t listened to this true crime podcast yet, you are missing out. Hosted by two self-proclaimed “wine-fueled moms,” each episode is chock full of some of the most interesting murder cases you have probably never heard of.

You might want to start with recent episodes in which these podcasters detail the specific pitfalls that come with being moms cooped up with children in the age of COVID19. Their episode titled “Quarantini” is aptly named (given the times we are living in). It also delivers a potent dose of true crime, as they tell the enthralling and tragic story of Elizabeth Olten’s murder by her 15-year-old neighbor in what prosecutors called a “Thrill Kill.”

The pandemic is here to stay, at least for a while. Quarantine isn’t fun, but keep your happy hour going by indulging in a true crime podcast or two. Better yet, listen together with your friends. Maybe a brand new tradition will come of it.

Don’t forget to toast to a quick end to the Covid19 pandemic. In the meantime, stay (virtually) connected, and stay safe!

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