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4 True Crime Podcasts that will Transport you to Hollywood

4 True Crime Podcasts that will Transport you to Hollywood

It is often the case in great films, books, or television shows, that the city or place that serves as the setting is also a main character, almost as much as (if not more than) the protagonists themselves. After all, what would Sex in the City be if it took place outside of Manhattan? What if Sherlock solved mysteries outside his beloved London? Friends without Central Perk?

We think not. 

The same can be said fMor podcasts; often where a crime occurred can be almost as compelling as the crime itself. Go deep enough, and you are transported to another place (or time!) altogether. 

These true crime podcasts will take you on a journey through the many faces of glamorous Hollywood–from its film-noir roots to its modern-day grin of Instagram perfection–all served up with a twist of delicious true crime.

Hollywood & Crime

Part true-crime documentary, part theatrical drama, the Hollywood & Crime podcast is so incredibly entertaining to listen to, you might forget the gruesome crime stories it depicts actually happened. Actors use vintage phrases (think “dahhhhling” and “wasn’t he the cat’s pajamas!”) to add a touch of Hollywood glamour. Start at the beginning, with their series on “The Black Dahlia” which details equally fascinating murder stories that took place around the same time. Not only will you get your true crime dose, but you will feel like you are listening to an Old Time Radio show; this podcast is a true time machine to the past.

Root of Evil

On Franklin Ave, just at the foot of the Hollywood sign, lurks the Sowden House–if you were to walk by you would certainly notice it, for it doesn’t quite fit in with its picture-perfect neighbors. Its Mayan architecture resembles a gaping maw ready to consume Hollywood–perhaps its architect knew it was destined to house dark secrets and murder mysteries. The Root of Evil podcast explores the notorious history of the house and one of its most infamous residents–Dr. George Hodel, a psychiatrist known for sex scandals and parties that would make even Jay Gatsby blush. But did Dr. Hodel also commit one of the most famous and grisly crimes of all time–The Black Dahlia murder?

You Must Remember This: Manson

Karina Longworth makes Classic Hollywood relatable to just about anyone; from her series on blonde bombshells in history to discussions on Disney’s animated flick The Song of the South her topics might be more relevant now than ever before. Her velvety voice weaves stories about celebrities and histories you never thought you cared about, and this is particularly true in her series on the famous Manson murders. If you think you know what happened that fateful day on Cielo Drive, think again. Karina takes you back to the beginning, and traces the many roads and paths that led to the murders–many of which are tied closely with Hollywood icons like Doris Day, and of course, Roman Polanski. You’ll feel like you are living with the Manson cult on Spahn ranch (where Bonanza, The Lone Ranger, and other classic Westerns were filmed), or that you are enjoying some California sun with Dennis Wilson from the Beach Boys. 

To Live and Die in LA

Years ago, a reporter by the name of Neil Strauss caused a ruckus with single women everywhere when he revealed the machinations of an underground society of pick-up artists–an online community of men devoted to the techniques of getting women to sleep with them as fast as possible, and then teach each other how to do so faster and better. 

His undercover reporting skills are in top form with the To Live & Die in L.A. podcast where he follows the disappearance of Adea Shabani, an aspiring model and actress last seen leaving her apartment just off Hollywood Boulevard. Did her actor boyfriend murder her? Neil isn’t just asking the question–through this podcast, he is determined to solve the unfolding whodunnit. Take the journey with him and by the end, you will know who did it too.

Which are you looking forward to listening to first?

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